Schweizer Solarpreis

Forum Chriesbach_Schweizer_Solarpreis.jpg2007 Buildings Category - Forum Chriesbach

The Solar Agentur Schweiz has been organising the Schweizer Solarpreis on an annual basis since 1991. The winners in the various categories of the solar award demonstrate how energy-efficient construction benefits our climate while guaranteeing the highest degree of comfort.

Forum Chriesbach was honoured because it “is architecturally and technically innovative and because it tests the limits of what is currently feasible. This was especially evident in the areas of ventilation, thermal insulation, the use of waste heat and rainwater, and the water cycle, among others. The sensational thing about this building, in terms of its energy balance, is that it beats the Minergie-P standard and yet costs no more than a normal building - in comparison to which it emits 82 per cent less CO2.“

The Schweizer Solarpreis was presented at the official awards ceremony on 19 October 2006 in the presence of government representatives numerous prominent personalities.

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