Watt d'Or Award, Swiss Federal Office of Energy

Forum_Chriesbach_Watt_dOr_Award.jpg2007 Category - Forum Chriesbach

The Watt d'Or is awarded to pay tribute to built projects of great expressive power and exemplary character.

The jury was convinced by the project's comprehensive approach, its vision, and especially by the consistency of its realization. “The Eawag's new head office is revolutionary in many aspects: The energy needed for heating and cooling has practically been reduced to zero. The building requires approximately 14 kWh per annum and square metre of usable area, and is therefore an extremely efficient 1.4 litre building. And yet many computers are used in this building, it is comfortable, and there is ample light. And the best part is that construction costs were equivalent to those of a conventional office building, despite the fact that a unique combination of state-of-the-art energy technology was integrated in the building during its construction. In doing so, the planners at Bob Gysin + Partner BGP Architects focused exclusively on what is technically possible now, and not on experimentation or untested technology. The results indicate the resounding success of this strategy“.

The awards ceremony took place on 8 January 2007 in Berne (CH) in the presence of an interdisciplinary Jury.

Eawag Forum Chriesbach
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