Three Architectural Walks through Seven Decades - School Complex Küsnacht

BGP_Schulanlage_Kuesnacht_Drei_Architekturspaziergaenge_durch_sieben_Jahrzehnt.jpgKüsnacht has refurbished the school complex located in the centre of town. Visitors to the school are able to go on a journey through seventy years of architectural and school-related history. The school complex is a fine example of a topic that is currently influencing the architectural debate in Switzerland: How should the existing fabric be dealt with? How should we alter it?

This monograph presents the school complex in Küsnacht, which has been completely changed as a result of new construction. Köbi Gantenbein, editor-in-chief at Hochparterre, has written the introductory text, and there are numerous colour photographs and plans showing the conversion and the extension of the school complex.

32 pages, colour illustrations and line drawings
stitched binding, 22.5 x 30.5 cm

German/English, CHF 25.- + delivery charges

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Center for a School Complex, Küsnacht