Premio Internazionale Architettura Sostenibile

Forum_Chriesbach_Premio Internazionale Architetture Sostenibile.jpg2008 Special Mention - Forum Chriesbach

The Fassa Bortolo International Prize for Sustainable Architecture is sponsored by the architecture faculty at the University of Ferrara in Italy and the Fassa Bortolo company. It is "much more than just a competition. Above all, it is a way of spreading a new culture of responsibility in the building sector, with the twofold aim of creating an exclusive meeting point for professionals in the field, as well as publicising the results achieved by planners and builders: work resulting from their continual search for the best equilibrium between human beings and the environment."

Forum Chriesbach was awarded a Special Mention because of its comprehensive treatment, innovative execution, and sustainable use of resources, and because it tests the limits of what is currently feasible.

The awards ceremony took place on 4 June 2008 in La Fenice Theatre, Venice, in the presence of the international jury: Thomas Herzog, Hermann Kaufmann, Wilfried Wang and Nicola Marzot.

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