Out of love for the landscape

The house on the Elban coast was designed in the 1960s by Milanese architect Emilio Isotta (1910-1988). The use of local mineral materials emphasises the building's close relationship to the rocky terrain. The horizontality of the house becomes a counterpoint to the rhythmic verticality of the surrounding trees and at the same time emphasises the spaciousness of the terrain.

Isotta, who studied architecture in Florence, realised the majority of his works on the island of Elba. His work was characterised by particular attention to the landscape, striving to integrate the building harmoniously into the environment and the socio-cultural and economic context. Despite his outstanding work, Isotta's oeuvre was largely forgotten. The renovation of Casa Galenzana preserves and restores part of his architectural legacy. At the same time, the interiors are being adapted to contemporary needs and requirements through targeted interventions.