On course: Milestone celebration Wankdorfcity 3

At yesterday's milestone celebration, representatives from politics, the media and investors were able to see the progress of the Wankdorfcity 3 project for themselves. With houses stacked on top of each other, a multitude of varied places to stay and meet and a city terrace connecting the buildings, the community project is an innovative reinterpretation of urban coexistence. In addition, Wankdorfcity 3 will be designed according to the principle of the "sponge city", will be 2000-watt compatible and all the energy for its operation will come from renewable resources. 

The preliminary project, key data and concrete design are now available. The building application for the entire project will be submitted at the beginning of 2024, the new service building is already under construction and the "stacked city" is due to be completed by 2029.

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