Marketing + Architektur Award

Forum_Chriesbach_Marketing_Architektur_Award.jpg2008 Special Mention Green Technology - Forum Chriesbach

The Marketing + Architektur Award (CH) is bestowed on buildings that, 'because of a combining of marketing and architecture, have architectural and spatial concepts that exhibit a high degree of uniqueness, and which are creative, and highly inspirational for both clients and employees alike'.

The Forum Chriesbach, part of the Eawag aquatic research institute, was given an award because 'both its appearance and its functionality stand for a sustainable way of dealing with the element of water. The intensive and comprehensive cooperation of all of the participants has resulted in the creation of a visionary new building that tests the limits of what is currently feasible. The building clearly expresses Eawag's corporate identity as a theme, and this is directly experienced by both employees and visitors. The building is experienced from near and far both as a message and as a supersign relating to the theme of water. Marketing for the vital element of water is thus established in a long-term and exemplary fashion'.

The international awards ceremony took place on 11 April 2008 in the KKL Luzern (CH).

Eawag Forum Chriesbach
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