Holcim Foundation Publication - Eawag Forum Chriesbach

BGP_Forum_Chriesbach_High-tech_green_building_explored.jpgForum Chriesbach, the new research centre of the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag) proves that green buildings can be high-tech, cost effective, highly functional and beautiful. The building has won four Swiss awards: for innovation, energy efficiency, natural lighting and solar design. The book explains the concept and details of this building, which aims to set new standards for sustainable construction. (Text Holcim Foundation)

The booklet is published by the Holcim Foundation Switzerland. It both documents and reflects on central aspects of the building and the target issues of Holcim Foundation and elucidates in detail the Forum Chriesbach and its exemplary function.

80 pages, texts, photographs, diagrams, plans
15 x 21 cm
English, CHF 10 + delivery charges

Order via email: bestellungen@bgp.ch

Eawag Forum Chriesbach