A Glass Building - Eawag Forum Chriesbach

BGP_Forum_Chriesbach_Ein_Glashaus-1.jpgÜberlandstrasse intersects Dübendorf's Ringstrasse at Zürich's periphery. Upon arriving here, the unexpected view at the traffic light in this no-mans-land is like a refreshing taste of mountain spring water: The new Eawag head office at the ETH's Empa-Eawag Campus speaks distinctively for itself, outshining its environs like a precious gem. 

Booklet 9 of the Edition Rene Furer presents Forum Chriesbach, a "zero-energy building" in Dübendorf, that has set new standards for sustainable development in architecture, for which it has won numerous awards. Through his synoptic comparison with well-known architectural projects from the 20th and 21st century, the author has created an unforgettable and eminently readable booklet, rich in exciting and surprising illustrations.

52 pages, 111 colour illustrations, texts, line drawings
stitched binding 21 x 30 cm

German, CHF 25.- + delivery charges
ISBN 978-3-9523262-8-2


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Eawag Forum Chriesbach
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