Daylight Award

Forum_Chriesbach_Daylight_Award.jpg2007 Winner - Forum Chriesbach

The objective of the Velux Foundation's Daylight Award is to “commend buildings in Switzerland which present innovative solutions for the utilization of daylight. The award is intended to promote technical and architectural innovation and encourage building owners, planners and specialists to utilize daylight systematically to enhance quality of life and energy efficiency“.

Daylight has always been of core significance in architecture. The different stylistic eras can actually also be characterized by their specific management and control of daylight. Forum Chriesbach was awarded the 100,000 Swiss franc prize for its “innovative and comprehensive way of dealing with daylight“.

The awards ceremony took place on 23 January 2007 in Basle (CH) during the Swissbau fair in the presence of a top-class international jury: David Chipperfield, Dietmar Eberle, Jean- Louis Scartezzini, Roland Stulz, Kurt Stutz and Bodil Wälli-Kamman (the latter two both from the Velux Foundation).

Eawag Forum Chriesbach
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