Baupreis Zürcher Oberland


BGP_Innovationspreis_Architektur_und_Technik.jpg2003 Winner - Office and Manufacturing Building

The Architektur Forum Zürcher Oberland (AfZO) awards the Baupreis Zürcher Oberland annually. This building award is intended to honour outstanding achievements in the construction industry as well as to give the broader public an awareness of good architecture.

The Belimo Office and Manufacturing Building functions as a landmark in the Hinwil industrial estate, greatly enhancing the otherwise heterogenous context. Together with the existing Brunnenbach Building and a connecting structure in between, the 166 metre-long structure forms a functionally and architecturally convincing complex. In order to serve as a counterpoint to the glass facade, the loading bays and employee entrances are made of brightly coloured exposed concrete. These open into the large and flexibly divisible interior, which has ample natural light and offers attractive views of the surrounding landscape. The efficient frame construction is encased in 563 identical prefabricated elements, which allowed construction costs and deadlines to be optimised. Offsetting these elements on each individual storey lends the building a unique architectural character in a simple and effective way.

Belimo production & office building
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