Living in Sommerau

BGP_Sommerau_Aussicht_von_der_Sommerau.jpgFor many, the word 'Sommerau' arouses thoughts of country living and daydreams, while for others Gottfreid Keller returning to his "Meretchen" may come to mind. The name has many positive associations and a 'Sommerau' is now also to be found in an idyllic residential area in Zürich's Witikon district. The character of the two buildings can be described as calm dignity in the modernist tradition. The flats are accessed through impressive entrances and a sculptural, free-standing stair. In addition to the open stair, the core elements are the building's split-level layout and intensive colours. The interiors of the 22 residential units, which each have one or more storeys, have been designed to give the feeling of a family house.

An introductory text by Köbi Gantenbein, editor-in-chief at Hochparterre, is accompanied by numerous colour photographs and plans documenting the buildings, which were erected between 2003 and 2006.

28 pages, colour illustrations and line drawings
stitched binding, 22.5 x 30.5 cm

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