Living in a Park - Fehlmann Areal

BGP_Fehlmann_Areal_Wohnen_mit_Blutbuche,_Waldmarbel_und_Rotkehlchen.jpgWhat does sustainable housing mean in an urban context, or rather: in a place so rich in history? And how does one awaken a prestigious villa, dating from 1928, and its park from its long deep sleep without destroying its precious structural fabric, its gigantic old trees, and its impressive spatial composition.
In the project for Winterthur's Fehlmann grounds, sustainable construction is evident on a number of levels: from the large urban scale to the details of the interior and the building services. Eight relatively small 3-4 storey-high new buildings, which appear to float, are positioned in the park as modern counterpoints to the existing villa. Together with the existing villa, the garden pavilion and the park's magnificent trees, they create a well-balanced ensemble.

The introductory text by Köbi Gantenbein, editor-in-chief at Hochparterre, is illustrated with numerous colour photographs and plans of the buildings, which were constructed between 2006-2009.

32 pages, colour illustrations and line drawings, stitched binding, 22.5 x 30.5 cm
German / English, sold Out

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