Light Dynamo - Day-care centre Dielsdorf

BGP_Tagesstaette_Dielsdorf_Das_Eine_im_Anderen.jpgPlanning a day-care centre for children, youths and adults suffering from cerebral palsy poses a particular challenge. The design concept focused strongly on the creation of a genius loci and an ambience that oscillates between the cheerful and the lucid. A variegated play of light and shadow immerses the rooms in completely different moods depending on the time of day and the season, offering constantly changing scenarios. Overall, a project with a high identification value has been created, which takes advantage of the benefits of the site and location, while providing the users with a high-quality space for learning work and recreation, as well as a pleasant ambience.

The monograph introduces readers to the Day-care Centre as a 'Light Dynamo'. An introductory text by BGP architects is accompanied by numerous colour photographs and plans documenting the building.

32 pages, colour illustrations and line drawings
stitched binding, 22.5 x 30.5 cm

German/English, CHF 25.- + delivery charges
 ISBN 978-3-906136-54-7

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Educational day-care centre Dielsdorf