Lehrgang ecobau

Sustainable building requires a holistic view of the planning and construction process as well as professional handling of a wide range of requirements. Integral planning helps here by structuring the project process and thus creating the conditions for optimal cooperation in interdisciplinary teams. It also serves to establish suitable mechanisms for control and quality assurance at an early stage.

An overview of the various standards and tools for sustainable construction helps participants to orient themselves early on in the project, to find the right path, and to implement the targets efficiently. In this context, the requirements for a sustainable building concept are also discussed.

This course is part of the basic module of the ecobau course, which consists of four course days with an in-depth paper from the personal work environment. However, it can also be taken individually. After completing the basic module including the practical work, it is possible to become an eco-building expert partner.

Concepts for sustainable building with Sebastian El Khouli
Date: 16.03.2022
Time: 9:00 - 17:00
Place: Zurich