Energy Salon 2013

More than two-thirds of global energy consumption originates in cities. This year's Energy Salon examines three strategies relating to "Energy + City". The case studies that we shall encounter along the way concern places where both professionals and residents are actively influencing the current face of their city: "At Home" / "Undergoing Construction" / "Growing Rapidly". What scenarios for sustainable urban development can be found here in Zurich, or in Hamburg's energy transition, or finally in the emerging mega-city region of Hyderabad in India?

A comparative look beyond the borders of Switzerland will reconsider the ideas that we usually associate with these places when viewed from here. Together with our panel of guests, we shall address potential priorities and strategies in the struggle for sustainable urban development. And we shall ask ourselves the question of whether it is ultimately even possible to make definite findings and arrive at binding conclusions.

Energy Salon
Partner-Veranstalter EK Energiekonzepte
Partner-Veranstalter Architekturforum Zürich
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