Energy Salon 2010

Together with EK Energiekonzepte and Architekturforum Zurich, BGP continues its organization of the Energy Salon, a platform for architecture and sustainability. Whereas the focus in the first series was placed on outstanding buildings, sustainable urban design was thematized in the second edition—exemplified by developments in Switzerland and across Europe, the Middle East and China.

In the 2010 third edition, the subject of urban reconstruction was at the fore. The examples, experiences and debates demonstrated that the redensification of existing cities represents a significant opportunity, and showed how architecture and urban design influence sustainability.

Motivated by our success in producing sustainable buildings, BGP aims to establish a discussion platform that draws together different disciplines, facilitates knowledge transfer and contributes to the practical implementation of sustainable architecture.

Joint organizer EK Energiekonzepte
Joint organizer Architekturforum ZĂĽrich
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