Energy Salon 2009

BGP, EK Energiekonzepte and Architekturforum Zurich cooperated once again to produce Zurich's second edition of the Energy Salon, an architecture and sustainability platform. While, in the first series of events, the focus was on outstanding buildings, the issue this year was sustainable urban planning. Discussion was wide-ranging, covering developments in Switzerland and Europe, through to China and the Middle East. Following an introduction by Bob Gysin and Franz Aeschbach of BGP, various key players from a range of disciplines delivered lectures and shared their thoughts, opinions and experience in open discussions.

Motivated by our success in producing sustainable buildings, BGP aims to establish a discussion platform that draws together different disciplines, facilitates knowledge transfer and contributes to the practical implementation of sustainable architecture.

Event calendar as a pdf file
Joint organizer EK Energiekonzepte
Joint organizer Architekturforum Z├╝rich