CRB Congress

If we are to offer the generations to come a life worth living in an intact environment, while maintaining economic profitability, innovations are urgently needed. Notwithstanding their very different profes-sional backgrounds and diverse points of view, the speakers were united by one and the same goal: to initiate innovative thinking and action and to explore new ways forward – even if these may not always be easy.

Four experts presented their most promising projects and took inspiring looks into the future, and at things that may still seem visionary today, but could be realistic objectives tomorrow.

Alongside Bertrand Piccard, Christian Kerez and Urs Karli, Bob Gysin of BGP Architekten gave a talk titled ‘Innovation – From the Idea to the Implementation’. In the panel talk that followed, the topic of the congress was discussed by the speakers together with Max Germann, the CRB’s President. This was chaired by the well-known journalist and television moderator, Christine Maier.