Concrete Sculpture in the City - House Englischviertelstrasse

BGP_Haus_Englischviertelstrasse_Town_House_am_Hottingerplatz.jpgIn place of the former building there is now an expressive monolith, which at first sight seems to belong unquestionably in this place. The new structure opens a dialogue on all sides: volumetrically, in the interplay of the windows and the grid of formwork lines and ultimately with the development of subtle interstices in the courtyard. When you enter the dark lobby downstairs, you do not yet have any idea of the building's interplay of spatial release: Around the coloured zones of the core, a long promenade runs through the building: spatial compositions are unfolding, accentuated by precisely controlled lighting.

The monograph introduces readers to the 'Town House on Hottingerplatz'. An introductory text by Dr. Elisabeth Blum, Architect ETH, author and lecturer, is accompanied by numerous colour photographs and plans documenting the building, which was erected between 2008 and 2010.

32 pages, colour illustrations and line drawings
stitched binding, 22.5 x 30.5 cm

German/English, CHF 25.- + delivery charges
ISBN 978-3-906136-55-4

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House Englischviertelstrasse