Anniversary publication: 40 years BGP - 45 years GBG

BGP_Architekten_Jubilaeumspulikation_2016.jpgMore than ever, the needs of society and the immense pollution juxtapositioned with the supposed energy crisis demand new approaches and interdisciplinarity in work as well as in thinking. Bob Gysin is driven since long ago by thoughts about the relationship between architecture and art. They contributed not least to the creation of the Galerie Bob Gysin and the architectural firm Bob Gysin + Partner BGP. Over the past 45 years, many rooms have been created in which operating architecture and art is mediated.

With this publication, we look back on 40 years of BGP and 45 years of GBG and share anecdotes and beliefs that are important to us. From the personal experiences and motivations of Bob Gysin to the recurring teamwork theme, which has brought the gallery and the architectural firm to where they are today. Thoughts about the present and the future are also formulated.

45 pages, 29 illustrations
21.0 x 14.8 cm
ISBN 978-3-906136-93-6

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