The Zurich architectural firm Bob Gysin Partner BGP and the Galerie Bob Gysin GBG will celebrate their 46th and 51st anniversaries respectively in 2022. The publication "46/51" accompanies the occasion. In it, external interviewees, together with BGP and GBG, take a look at the past, the future, and current issues in the architecture and art business.

The leitmotif that guides us through the anniversary publication is «sustainability in conversation». Bob Gysin, partners, and Executive Board members Marco Giuliani and Sebastian El Khouli, Executive Board members Marco Barberini, Kaspar Horber, and Christian Zehnder, discuss the history and perspectives of BGP and GBG in conversation with external journalists. Art historian Isabel Zürcher, who has been leading the Gegenpol Talks since 2019, conveys what significance the gallery has had for the architectural practice.

2022, ed. BGP Bob Gysin Partner Architekten and Galerie Bob Gysin, texts by Gerhard Mack, Inge Beckel, Paul Knüsel, Daniela Meyer, Isabel Zürcher and BGP.
100 pages, 22.50 x 30.50 cm, linen, hardcover
German, CHF 25 + packing and shipping costs.
ISBN: 978-3-906136-95-0

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